Affiliate program

How to promote – using Affiliate program

For promoting the RAWTOOTHBRUSH you can use the main landing page about RAWTOOTHBRUSH

Do not forget to include the link source in your article and please do not forget to use your unique partner ID in the URL

Write about your personal experience with the RAWTOOTHBRUSH

That is what people loves the most and what makes the best conversions.

Other articles that may come in hand are and

If you have questions about our affiliate program, please contact us at 

How does YONI affiliate program work, how much do I get?

15% from final price excluded shipping on RAWTOOTHBRUSH

10% from final price excluded shipping on CASE for RAWTOOTHBRUSH

7% from final price excluded shipping on YONI EGG

Lifetime commission!

As soon as someone buys using URL with your unique ID and register an account, you will get paid every time this customer makes and order in the future.  The RAWTOOTHBRUSH last around 2-4 weeks, so you can have quite nice passive income.

When will you pay me out?

You can ask us to close your current commissions and pay you at reaching 10 Pounds in profit. The latest profit must be older than 31 days.

What are the options for sending the funds?

Money can be send through bank wire transfer or through PayPal. Contact us at

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