Yoni egg is a gemstone carved into a medium-sized egg shape.
There is a drilled hole for attaching a string that will help you taking the egg out of your vagina.

The egg is made from semi-precious stones and not only does it heal your body, it also balances your mind, as it absorbs negative energies and blockages.

You can choose from 3 types of gemstones, each one of them has its own benefits, addresses different parts of your body and deals with various mental issues.



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Before using the YONI egg

for the first time, wash it with clean water and salt. We recommend placing your yoni egg in salty water overnight once in awhile. This will keep it neutralized – hygienically as well as energetically.

The price includes little linen bag stamp-printed from both sides (handwork, each bag is unique), cotton string and lotos shape pendant.

The size of the egg is 1.2-1.6 inches (4x3cm) and the weight is around 2.3 ounces (65-70g.)

For detailed information about the semi-precious stones, please scroll down and check the product description.

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Information about semi-precious stones:


has been considered a stone of fertility and sexuality for many centuries. It increases fertility and promotes a healthy sexual appetite. It is also very effective for lower abdominal pains, especially during menstruation, painful ovulation, but also in pregnancy. Carnelian harmonizes the function of the entire digestive system, gall bladder and pancreas. It increases the blood flow to all internal organs, which gives them a prerequisite for their proper function. source

Red jasper

stimulates the activity of the base chakra and participates in rebirth. It cleans and stabilizes the aura and strengthens the boundaries of personality. It is a stone that brings health and strength and removes toxins from the circulatory system, blood and liver. It also removes blockages in the liver and blood vessels. Red jasper stone helps in shamanic journeys and dream recalling. It provides protection and grounds the energy of the body. This stone removes and electromagnetic radiation and other contamination from the environment. In the spiritual life, red jasper brings its wearers commitment to meet all their intentions. It strongly encourages to go to the roots of a problem. At the same time, it encourages a honest behaviour towards the self. It offers assistance during conflicts that occur in life. On the physical level, red jasper increases sexual pleasure. It brings ease in case of long-term illness or hospitalization, and provides the body with energy. Location: at the base chakra or as neededsource

Rose quartz

has a positive effect on kidney, heart, liver, lungs and genital diseases as well as on important centres of the autonomic nervous system. It treats urethral infections. It takes toxins and excess fluids away from the body.  It Eliminates apathy, tranquilizes, and strengthens the heartbeat. It helps with long-term diseases, psychosomatic disorders and intestinal diseases. It is a symbol of love, beauty and healing. It helps the shy to show their hidden feelings. Rose quartz teaches us patience in problem solving. Its soft vibrations surround the soul. Its lase is like a gentle touch, under which our hearts relax, regain confidence and slowly opens again. Wounds our hearts experienced due to hardness, roughness, rejection or indifference of our fellow human beings during our life heal under its protection. It gives strength to forgive – ourselves and others, and teaches us self-love. Rose quartz is a universal healing stone, supplying vital energy, especially to the elderly. It enlivens the imagination and creative thinking. It affects the solar plexus, heart and base chakras. It eliminates fear, anger, resentment, and guilt. It helps to accept the need for change, it is an excellent stone for fighting midlife crisis. source

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Weight 0.15 kg
Type of stone

Carneol, Jasper, Rose Quartz


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