Borosilicate straws | 3pcs + brush


Set of three straws and brush.

The borosilicate straws are made in our favorite glass shop in Czech Republic, Podkrkonoší.

From each set we contribute 1 EUR to Garbage Clinical Insurance.

Ideal for drinks and smoothies.

Size: 20cm x 1,2cm (inside 0.9cm)

Why a glass straw? – Straws for your bar/restauran


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Straws are made of borosilicate, on a Mohs hardness scale, where the diamond has a hardness value of 10, and the chalk hardness value of 1 is borosilicate glass rated 7.5 points. Ordinary glass 5.5-6.

Can be washed in a dishwasher and / or cleaned with a brush that is included.

Do not bite the straws. Under the age of twelve only under the supervision of an adult.

Design of yoni logo painted was done by painter Anna Doležalová.

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