Oral hygiene – How to maintain healthy teeth

How do you maintain healthy teeth? Mechanical treatment alone is not enough. It is necessary to follow certain principles for prevention of dental caries or plaque and tartar.

How to maintain healthy teeth?

I will tell you about proven techniques and practices that lead to the maintenance of healthy teeth


Maintain alkaline environment

This is the most important! We’re talking about alkaline environment in the mouth and stomach. To maintain the alkaline environment in the mouth, follow these simple rules

  • Rinse your mouth with pure water after eating or drinking (except for water).
  • Chew some green leaves or have a green drink (barley, wheat) or chlorella after each food.
  • Rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after eating boiled, baked or fried foods.

Do not combine

To maintain an alkaline environment of the stomach, do not combine foods that should not be combined and eat a lot of green food (leaf vegetables).

Basic rules of combining foodstuff to maintain an alkaline environment:

  • Fruits combine only with fruits or green leaves.
  • Green leaves can be combined with everything.
  • Foodstuffs that should not be combined together, should not meet in you stomach either.
  • Liquids other than water are considered food.
  • Do not combine melons with anything but melons.

What should not be combined:

  • Fats and fruits
  • Fats and proteins
  • Fats and starch
  • Proteins and fruits
  • Proteins and starches
  • Proteins and proteins (e.g. lentil and peanuts is a bad combination)
  • Sour fruits and sweet fruits
  • Sour fruits and starches


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Teeth whitening

Teeth can be whitened in many natural ways. I will tell you about four methods with which I have a good experience.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic technique, which consists in swishing oil in your mouth in the morning, before eating anything or brushing  your teeth. It is good to pull the oil in between your teeth and play with it in your mouth. The oil binds toxins that are created in the mouth during sleep and remineralizes (restores) tooth enamel at the same time. Thus focus on the fact that the oil heals and cleans your teeth. You should swish the oil for no longer than 10 to 20 minutes, as the oil turns toxic after this time. Then spit out the oil, preferably into the trash or toilet, do not swallow it. Do not spit it into the sink either, the oil might clog it.

It is recommended to use sesame oil. Coconut oil might be used as well. Personally, I do not recommend using olive oil, as I had a bad experience with using it for this practice.


Turmeric possesses anti-bacterial and whitening effects. Get some high quality turmeric powder. You can use it freely, preferably after mechanical cleaning of your teeth. Simply add a small amount of numeric powder in warm water, and, as in the case of oil pulling, pull the fluid between your teeth. You can also gargle with turmeric for disease prevention.

Using a natural toothbrush

A natural toothbrush has healing and whitening properties. It whitens your teeth, removes stains and helps to remineralize (renew) tooth enamel. It also serves as prevention against gum disease. The chemical composition and effects can be read about in a scientific study. Instructions for its use as well as a few words on its history can be found in the article on natural RAWTOOTHBRUSH.


Sunbathing with a smile, or teeth exposure to solar radiation, is attributed a therapeutic and whitening effect.

Do you know any proven way how to take a good care of your teeth and want to share it with others?

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